Jonathan Frouman

78665 Round Rock - United States
38 years old



Jonathan Frouman

Phone: 512-269-2414


Professional Experiences

Radio/AV Technician/IT

Round Rock ISD

Since January 2012
Round Rock - United States

 Video and Radio equipment installations and troubleshooting on site. Equipment I have used are Honeywell and Angeltrax Video,Maxcom and Harris Radios. Some of the Video equipment has Wifi and Wimax capability. I have experience using the vendor's software and retrieving video data for review purposes.  I also am  a Bus driver for Round Rock ISD.  Have installed GPS antennas and Radio antennas on buses. Experience troubleshooting HD recording issues,formatting,setting and configuring Video and bus communication equipment software.  Familiar with Windows/Linux and DSL technologies. Current video/radio camera Technician for facility.

Cisco Certified CCNA ( Since Sept 2012)+  2 of years of experience with Layer 2   Cisco
Switches and Layer 3 Routers and  hubs, (2900 series Switches and 2500,2600 series routers) configuring network topologies in lab environments, NAT,subnetting,routing protocols,EIGRP,RIP,Frame Relay,Vlans,configuring security settings
on separate interfaces or routers and switches,OSI layer model protocols, Cisco Command Line Interface,subinterfaces,DHCP,Access lists with TCP and by protocol. I am also familiar with for the CCNA wireless and Comptia A+ objectives.





Veolia Transportation

From August 2010 Till December 2011
Austin - United States

Bus driver for Capital Metro Routes. Customer service. Trained drivers.


Pipefitter pre-apprentice

Dynamic Systems Inc.

From January Till April 2010
Austin - United States

Pipefitter pre-apprentice welder helper and assistant to plumbers. 

Project Coordinator

Proyecto Estado Puebla A.C.

From January 2004 Till December 2009
Puebla - Mexico

3 years of general IT experience(website maintenance and editing,html,wordpress,excel,Windows Office suite 2003+2007,replacing hardware,windows xp and vista installations and upgrades,formatting drives,changing CPU fans,HD's,CD-roms,troubleshooting printers and pc networking issues. Configured linksys,netgear and cisco home routers and switches. Set up network equipment/projection TV for seminar/event. Set up networking equipment and set up authentication, filtering by mac address, and other security settings on the home wireless routers and for all hosts within the organization. Experience troubleshooting wireless and LAN connectvity issues on site. Installed PCIe sound cards,AGP and TV cards on various PC's.Installed countless software, and drivers  on various PC's. Experience installing and running linux and windows as a dual boot option. Document (english-spanish) translations,fundraising through sponsorships, and sales. 

Educational Background

GED/College Credits


August 1999
Austin - United States

 GED .

Cisco CCNA certification.

Class A CDL

32 College Credits from Joliet Junior College and Austin Community College with a concentration in Business Administration and business computer applications.


P.R. certification


August 2008
Mexico City - Mexico

Mexico City Public Relations course in Spanish.


Class A CDL

Currently hold a Class A cdl with p and s, & air brake endorsements.




I am fluent in Spanish/English.

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